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Generally, the owners of cruising yachts life philosophy is a little bit different to the rest of us. A philosophy of perhaps a more calm, relaxed attitude, where the journey is just as – sometimes more – important than the destination. This is something we have a great affinity for. So, if you are ready for a calm and relaxed journey, read on.


Cruiser Racer

When you want the best of both worlds. When you need a few creature comforts but still want the excitement of a yacht that is responsive and lively. Then you need a boat builder who not only understands how to build a thoroughbred racing yacht but also how to embrace comfort, conveniences and style whilst minimising the impact on performance.



If, however, it is the tension and excitement of the 5-minute gun, the adrenaline of charging into the mark on port… are you ahead? Is there room? When you have been slamming into a head sea for days and there are still days to go… we get it. We also know how to build racing yachts of the highest pedigree, impeccably finished and built to last.



One of our key strengths is our experience. Over the 40 years we have been building custom boats, we have amassed an impressive portfolio of bespoke sailboats and motor yachts of the highest quality. And we thrive on a challenge. So when the Okeanos Foundation asked if we could build 5 ocean going Vaka… we said “Of course”.